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Pioneer to Provide Remote Monitoring Systems for Leading Home Improvement Retailer

Initial Pilot Rollout with Significant Expansion Opportunity

Fort Lee, NJ, September 28, 2017 / PRNewswire / – Pioneer Power Solutions, Inc. (Nasdaq: PPSI) (“Pioneer” or the “Company”), a company engaged in the manufacture, sale and service of electrical transmission, distribution and on-site power generation equipment, today announced that its Critical Power Division has been selected to provide a remote monitoring solution for the emergency power systems at a limited number of stores for a leading home improvement retailer.

The initial pilot program, which is expected to lead to a significantly larger opportunity across the retailer’s approximately 2,000 locations nationwide, utilizes Pioneer Power proprietary solutions, which enable comprehensive asset management for onsite power generation. These solutions enable real-time tracking, as well as extended tracking and trend-identification over weeks and months. These monitoring systems also provide remote test, start and stop capabilities for onsite power systems. Pioneer’s network operations center can help to anticipate and identify potential failures or overloads before they occur through remote monitoring, often before a customer is aware of an issue.

“Increasingly, many businesses recognize the importance of monitoring their power solutions around the clock,” commented Nathan Mazurek, Pioneer’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. “Outages can lead to costly inventory loss and create risk of theft or injury, ultimately resulting in business interruptions. This cost-effective solution, provides a potentially large return on investment, particularly for companies with a large, distributed footprint. The recent hurricanes in Southeastern Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico, and the wildfires in the Western U.S., underscore risks that can disrupt business, and serve as a reminder of the need to increase preparedness.”

The company offers its state-of-the-art remote monitoring solution, complete with services, support and updates, for its own full-line of power generation equipment and as an add-on to third party installed systems. The solution is currently offered as an upgrade to new or previously installed systems and is provided under standard terms of an Annual Maintenance Agreement. For more information regarding Pioneer’s remote monitoring solutions, please contact Todd Buehler, National Accounts Sales Manager, at tbuehler@pioneercriticalpower.com.

About Pioneer Power Solutions, Inc.
Pioneer Power Solutions, Inc. manufactures, sells and services a broad range of specialty electrical transmission, distribution and on-site power generation equipment for applications in the utility, industrial, commercial and backup power markets. The Company’s principal products and services include custom-engineered electrical transformers, low and medium voltage switchgear and engine-generator sets and controls, complemented by a national field-service organization to maintain and repair power generation assets. Pioneer is headquartered in Fort Lee, New Jersey and operates from 13 additional locations in the U.S., Canada and Mexico for manufacturing, centralized distribution, engineering, sales, service and administration. To learn more about Pioneer, please visit its website at www.pioneerpowersolutions.com.

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